HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention Campaign:

The objective of the program is to raise awareness among the Ethiopian-Canadian community about HIV/AIDS, to curb and ultimately reverse the spread of the virus, to reduce stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS and to contribute to the care, support and treatment of People Living with HIV/AIDS.

P2P Canada organizes the World AIDS day conference, the annual Habesha Youth Festival, Sisters for Sisters Forum, train-the-trainer seminars and provides targeted educational sessions.

Did you know ?

  • Ethiopia currently has the 6th largest HIV/AIDS infected population in the world.
  • While Ethiopia makes up 1% of the world”s population, it has 5% of the HIV/AIDS infected people. An estimated 1 million children have been orphaned as a result of this pandamic.
  • Addis Ababa is one of the top 10 HIV/AIDS cities in Africa.
  • HIV infection rate of sex trade workers in Addis is about 74% (3/4 teste +ve).
  • Mother to Child transmission is about 30-35%.
  • 90% of HIV/AIDS infected people are between the ages 20 – 49. (Peak group between 20-29).
  • The Hospital bed utiliztion rate is aproximately 57% (for HIV/AIDS case).

Some Global Statistics (estimates)

Population with HIV/AIDS ___________________ 40.0 million
Adults _________________________________37.1 million
Children under 15 _________________________ 3.0 million
Death from AIDS  _________________________ 21.8 million
Adults _________________________________ 13.7 million
Children under 15 _________________________  4.6 million
AIDS orphan _____________________________14.0 million


Population with HIV/AIDS _______________ 2.1 million
Adults (15-49 years) ____________________1.9 million
Estimated death from AIDS ______________ 1.0 million
AIDS orphan __________________________ 1.0 million
HIV Prevalence rate_____________________ 6.4 %
Urban Prevalence _____________________ 16.8%
Global Prevalence rate __________________ 1.2%